====== Downloads ====== This page offers a download area for free PDF/X tools and resources. ==== PDF/X-3 Cookbook Recipes ==== Note: Currently, only the German language version of the PDF/X-3 Cookbook recipes are available. **{{en:kochrezept1.v1.1.pdf|PDF/X-3 Cookbook Recipe Part 1}}:** Practical PDF/X-3 workflows, based on the ECI guidelines for color management: Process dependent delivery, using QuarkXPress as page layout application. Version 1.1. (11 March 2002). **{{en:kochrezept2.v1.1.pdf|PDF/X-3 Cookbook Recipe Part 2}}:** Practical PDF/X-3 workflows, based on the ECI guidelines for color management: Process independent delivery, using Adobe Indesign 2 as page layout application. Version 1.1. (22 April 2002). **{{en:prologue.ps|prologue.ps}}** for use with Cookbook Recipe Part 2: In order to be able to use ICC profiled CMYK as well as device CMYK in Indesign 2, this prologue.ps file for use with Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5.05 is neceassry. Details about usage of this prologue,ps file can be found in Cookbook Recipe Part 2. ==== PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) ==== **Before downloading...** Please note that in order to run PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) the full version of Adobe Acrobat version 5.05 is required. PDF/X-3 Inspector does not run with the free Acrobat Reader. **IMPORTANT:** Beginning with Acrobat 6 professional, Adobe has integrated the PDF/X-3 Inspector functionality into Acrobat Professional as part of the **Preflight** feature. As the underlying technology in both cases is from callas software and essentially consists of the pdfInspektor engine, PDF/X-3 Inspector is not supported beyond Acrobat 5. In addition, it has not been tested with Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, or with Windows Vista, and may not run with these newer versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems. The Windows version comes as an installer. For the Mac version you will need [[http://www.aladdinsys.com/|StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems]]. The Mac version can be run under Mac OS 9.1 through 9.2.2 as well as under Mac OS/X 10.2.3 or newer. PDF/X-3 Inspector is provided as __freeware__, that is you may use it at your own discretion as long as you wish, on as many workstations as you wish and in whatever country you are. Nevertheless, being freeware, PDF/X-3 Inspector does not claim to be necessarily suitable for whatever specific use, and you will always have to run it at your own risk. We can take __absolutely no liability__ for anything that may go wrong when or after using PDF/X-3 Inspector. ==== Macintosh version of PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) ==== {{en:PDFX-3Inspector.sit|Click here to download PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) for Macintosh.}} (Version: 2.1(118) · 24 Ocotber 2003) ==== Windows version of PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) ==== {{en:PDFX-3Inspector.EXE|Click here to download PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) for Windows.}} (Version: 2.1(118) · 13 Ocotber 2003) ==== Technote "PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3: Conversion and verification in PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware)" ==== {{en:technote_pdfx_checks.pdf|Click here}} to download a PDF file with a detailed description of how PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) as well as [[http://www.callassoftware.com/|pdfInspektor2]] convert and verify PDF/X files. (Last updated: 29 June 2002) ==== IMPORTANT: Do not redistribute PDF/X-3 Inspector, but instead... ==== While PDF/X-3 Inspector is freeware, nobody is allowed to redistribute PDF/X-3 Inspector without prior permission in writing from Olaf Drümmer (Email to [[info@pdfx.info|pdfx.info admin]] ). You are more than welcome though to direct anybody interested in PDF/X-3 Inspector to this website. Please always provide a link to the start page of this website (http://www.pdfx.info) and not directly to any of the downloadable items, as their URL might change without prior notice. ==== Invitation ==== If you are in a position to make a free tool that is useful for a PDF/X workflow available, please submit your suggestion to: Email to [[mailto:info@pdfx.info|pdfx.info admin]]