====== START ====== == PDF/X application data sheet for Harlequin RIP == January 2004 · Global Graphics has just published an application data sheet describing PDF/X support in the Harlequin RIP. The application data sheet can be downloaded from [[http://www.globalgraphics.com/pdfx/|Global Graphics' PDF/X resources page]]. == Updated PDF/X FAQ == November 2003 · Martin Bailey has just finished updating his [[en:faq|PDF/X FAQ]] – answering many essential questions with regard to PDF/X, including information about the revised versions of the PDF/X standard. == PDF/X-3 Inspector available for OS/X == October 2003 · PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) now also runs on Mac OS/X 10.2.3 or newer as well as – besides Acrobat 5 – with Acrobat 6.0 Standard or Professional. [[en:downloads|Click here]] to go directly to the download area. == PDF/X CheckUp 3.0: Now includes convenient page geometry editor == July 2003 · [[http://www.apagoinc.com/|Apago]] just released a new version of their PDF/X conversion and verification plug-in [[en:tools|PDF/X CheckUp]] for Adobe Acrobat. Besides supporting OS/X and Acrobat 6, it now also comes with a flexible and convenient Box Editor that lets a user easily set or modify page geometry (i.e. TrimBox and BleedBox). == Acrobat 6 Professional offers extensive support for PDF/X == June 2003 · [[http://www.adobe.com/|Adobe]] just released the new version 6.0 of its Acrobat product family. Acrobat 6.0 Professional offers Distiller based conversion of PostScript to PDF/X, conversion of PDF files to PDF/X, PDF/X verification as well as PDF/X based soft proofing, hard proofing, separation preview and separated output. The PDF to PDF/X conversion and PDF/X verification features are part of the Preflight plug-in, which Adobe licensed from [[http://www.callassoftware.com/|callas software]]. == All Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications now based on PDF/X == June 2003 · The [[http://www.ghentpdfworkgroup.org/|Ghent PDF Workgroup]] has published a set of 9 requirements specification for the exchange of PDF prepress files, which are now all based on PDF/X. == PDFlib creates PDF/X == June 2003 · The new version 5.0 of [[http://www.pdflib.com/|PDFlib]] now lets you generate output conforming to PDF/X-1, PDF/X-1a, and PDF/X-3, embed output intent ICC profile or reference standard output intent and copy output intent from imported PDF documents. == PStill now supports PDF/X == June 2003 · The shareware [[http://www.pstill.com/|PStill]] from Frank Siegert now supports creation of both PDF/X-1a as well as PDF/X-3 files. == SuperColor from Heidelberg == June 2003 · The Acrobat plug-in SuperColor from [[http://www.heidelberg.com/|Heidelberg]] makes conversion of PDF/X-3 files with ICC based or Lab colors to CMYK a quick and simple operation. For users who have to deal with many PDF files, [[http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html|Acrobat]]'s batch processing feature or [[http://www.callassoftware.com/|callas]] software's AutoPilot may be used for automation. == LucidDream's PDFflow for Delta RIP produces PDF/X-1a == January 2003 · [[http://www.luciddream.com/|LucidDream]]'s Delta RIP module "[[en:tools|PDFflow]]" produces PDF 1.3 as well as PDF/X-1a. == Xinet announces PDF/X-1a support for FullPress == September 8, 2002 · At Seybold Seminars San Francisco, [[http://www.xinet.com/|Xinet]] announces [[en:tools|PDF/X-1a support in their FullPress]] workflows solution. == Free PDF/X test patch == August 15, 2002 · [[http://www.globalgraphics.com/|Global Graphics]] – known as the developer of the Harlequin and Jaws PostScript RIPs – releases free [[en:testpatch|PDF/X test patch]]. == New PDF/X enabled tools: Asura and Solvero from OneVision == August 8, 2002 · OneVision just released new versions of their solutions "[[en:tools|Asura]]" and "[[en:tools|Solvero]]" that now offer full support for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3. == New PDF/X Mailinglist «pdfxhelp» == May 22, 2002 · Today Dwight Kelly from [[http://www.apago.com/|Apago]] launched a new mailing list «[[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pdfxhelp/|pdfxhelp]]» dedicated helping users new to PDF/X get started. Within hours after announcing the mailing list numerous PDF/X experts and PDF/X pioneers have already joined the mailing list – this means subscribers will receive a lot of valuable advice typicallly within hours after submitting a question. Also, a lot of feedback from those who have already «done it» will be available. Dwight Kelly is president of [[http://www.apago.com/|Apago]], who develops various tools and solutions around PDF/X as well as TIFF/IT. For several years Dwight has been actively involved in the standardisation of PDF/X as well as TIFF/IT in [[http://www.iso.org/|ISO]] Technical Committee 130. [[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pdfxhelp/|Click here to subscribe to «pdfxhelp».]] == PDF/X-3 approved == May 21, 2002 · As of April 22, 2002, all national members of Technical Committee 130 – the part of ISO that is among other things working on standards for digital file exchange – have voted in favor of PDF/X-3 (ISO 15930-3). Meanwhile the PDF/X-3 standard has been sent to the ISO Central Secretariat in Geneva for publication. This means that there are now two parts of PDF/X: PDF/X-1a, which is focusing on delivering PDF files using only CMYK and spot colors, and PDF/X-3, which supports color management workflows. == PDF/X-3 Cookbook Recipes == May 21, 2002 · The PDF/X-3 Working Group of the European Color Initiative has publised the second part of the PDF/X-3 Cookbook Recipes. The PDF/X-3 Coookbook Recipes guide step by step through the procedure of preparing, creating, verifying and processing PDF/X-3 files, using common desktop publishing applications. Currently there is only a German language version. An English language version will be available around August 2002. == PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) released! == April 22, 2002 · Berlin based software developer callas software, German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm), Swiss Federal laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA), Association for the Promotion of Research in the Graphic Arts Industry (Ugra) and the international association of newspapers Ifra jointly announce the release of 'PDF/X-3 Inspector Freeware'. PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) can be downloaded from the [[en:downloads|download area]] of this website. == www.pdfx.info: Website dedicated to resources, tools and links around PDF/X == PDF/X is an international standard (ISO 15929 and ISO 15930) that already has become an integral part in many PDF workflows. This website is dedicated to resources, tools and links around PDF/X. PDF/X consists of several parts. ISO 15929 outlines the ideas behind the PDF/X approach as taken by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and sets forth a couple of basic requirements to be honored by all ISO PDF/X standards. ISO 15930 consists of several parts. The first part – **ISO 15930-1 (also known as PDF/X-1:2001 **and** PDF/X-1a:2001)** – has become an ISO standard in 2001, and addresses delivery of digital pages where only CMYK and spot colours shall be used. The second part – ISO 15930-2 (also known as PDF/X-2) - still is under development, and addresses incomplete file exchanges, where for example a high resolution images are exchanged indepedent of the PDF/X file itself. The third part – **ISO 15930-3 (also known as PDF/X-3:2002)** – will become an approved ISO standard around summer 2002. == Frequently asked questions about PDF/X == If you do not know much about PDF/X yet [[en:faq|click here]] to learn more about PDF/X. Martin Bailey, working as Senior Technical Consultant for Global Graphics and member of the PDF/X working group of ISO, has put together a FAQ covering all the essential aspects of PDF/X. == ECI: Valuable source for PDF/X-3 and color management == The [[http://www.eci.org/|website of the European Color Initiative (ECI)]] already now offers useful information about color management in general and specifically PDF/X-3. Among other things, a 'cook book' with recipes for creating PDF/X-3 files with common desktop publishing tools has been developed, and the first part has been published (sorry – currently only available in German; most of the other information around PDF/X-3 as well as color management is available in English).