PDF/X Test Patch

Free PDF/X Test Patch

The PDF/X standards are becoming increasingly popular methods for the delivery of graphic arts content from one company or site to another. A file prepared in accordance with the standards is likely to be processed through a prepress workflow with no errors and with a more predictable result than a general PDF file.

Part of the reason for that predictability is that the PDF/X standards are not just file formats - they also specify correct rendering behavior of the files in the RIPs driving proofing printers, image setters and CTP devices.

The Global Graphics PDF/X overprint control strip is designed to help determine whether jobs have been correctly rendered, and therefore whether a proof and final press sheet are likely to match.

It is supplied as an EPS file that can be placed outside the trim or bleed area of every job you make in a design application. When the job is later converted to one of the PDF/X conformance levels and then proofed or printed, the strip will allow you to check quickly and easily whether or not the rendering process in that proofing or prepress system has been configured in conformance to the PDF/X standards. The EPS file may also be placed on a press sheet, e.g. by an imposition application.

Click here to download the PDF/X test patch including documentation as a PDF file:

Download Window version (ZIP archive)

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